No one is free who has not contained the empire of himself.
— Pythagoras

We are back, and this time we're reinventing storefronts, taking on musicals, and creating theatrical worlds! Click an image below to learn more about a specific show.


Season One explored reincarnation, conspiracy theories, personal identity, and genre-bending mashups, and asked you to QUESTION EVERYTHING. 

Season Two has a new commandment:

  Art by Sleepy Kitty

Art by Sleepy Kitty

Season Two will feature four new shows exploring dreams, romance, fears, and, finally, the apocalypse. Each show will feature original content produced by artists from St. Louis metro area and beyond. Artists will be recruited to build immersive sets, produce paintings, create music, and more.

In addition to these four shows, PRIME will be helming two workshops: one for local youth in partnership with YourWords STL and Marygrove, and another for writers wanting to hone their craft.


PRIME creates raw, welcoming, and unorthodox theatre for all, encapsulating the ephemeral & encouraging community engagement.