Mission and Directives

PRIME creates raw, welcoming, and unorthodox theatre for all, encapsulating the ephemeral, & encouraging community engagement.


In creating our art, PRIME collaborates with local artists to craft new breeds of community engagement. Our art, our stories, and our people give platform to social consciousness, and in so doing, we become agents of change and help spark community dialogue.

Art is humanity’s common denominator.  PRIME reaches beyond borders to work with an amalgamation of mediums and disciplines. We create an environment that is big and bold, where artists and storytellers celebrate the growth we see in ourselves and in each other.


PRIME was founded by Andrea Standby and Kyle Kratky in 2016 with the idea of using theatre to give space and a platform to unheralded voices and artists. Their first show was The Transmigration Show on November 5, 2016.

Artistic Staff


Andrea Standby,
Artistic Director, Co-Founder

Andrea Standby is an artist who believes that through imagination, inspiration, collaboration, and dedication, we can change ourselves. Through art, we can change our world. She began her theatrical journey by acting with a small community theatre called the Rebel Alliance. The name would prove to be the most appropriate chapter title for all the adventures she would embark on thereafter. She is on a keenly committed journey to combine a rebellious history, eccentric world views, and visual art into all of her theatrical projects. She wants nothing more than to give back to the community which as nurtured her and many like her, and to help keep the art of storytelling alive.


Kyle Kratky
Managing Director, Co-Founder

Kyle Kratky approaches art from the perspective of a project manager and has been producing, directing, and creating theatre since high school. He was a Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Immediacy Theatre Project in St. Louis. He attended school at Columbia College Chicago and has worked on production teams in Chicago (Collaboraction, Mary-Arrchie, Neo-Futurists), St. Louis (St. Louis Actor’s Studio, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis), and beyond. Onstage, Kratky is a solo performance artist and has performed his writing and spoken word all over the country. His writing has been featured in The Knox Writers’ House. In addition, Kratky has launched several podcasts (Words on My Tongue, Four Courses) and is a professional project manager.